Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Garden Update

20 pounds harvested today!  Greens galore!

Bringing In the chips. 

 Getting the path work done

Harvesting Kale

As we were getting horse compost at Creekside Farms in Hillsboro Oregon, Steve  helped us load and showed us his Tualatin Valley Water District Approved composting area. They got a grant to help build it. We are impressed by Creekside Farms green and environmentally friendly composter, their lovely and healthy animals and their resourcefulness.
The farm where we got the compost

Shoveling the horse compost to quickly unload so we can get 2 truckloads in one evening before the Saturday shift.
 Baby tomatoes
 Patricia's new garden
We just need some soil on this
Volunteers planting
 Adding much needed compost to a giving garden
Tomatoes are lookin like small bushes now.

Our pea fence is growing nicely.

 The new 4H garden is starting to explode with green and plant growth
 Bruce saving the day...He moved our big chip pile by himself to make way for our other amendendments and a native soil pile to fill in the areas of water.
This is the after chipping. The plot is out of the water! Ready to glean abandoned vacant plot and put soil and compost to prepare for planting.

Bumper Radish Crop

The 4-H beds are built, filled and planted!

Peppers planted and mulched.

A radish carpet planted by the 4-H kids

A view of the 4-H Giving Gardens

The Beaverton Giving Garden Rhubarb patch. The leaves are large enough to use as an umbrella. Can't wait for the stems to catch up!

This artichoke plant is growing beautifully it's second year. 
June 21st the Dalias are popping everywhere now.
Great harvest of big squash peas cucumbers

The sunflowers are growing tall!

The glorious daisy bush, will be transplanted due to it's gigantic size now!
The lovely Dahlias!