Monday, February 22, 2010

Beaverton Spring garden activities

Bringing in the plant donations.

Mama Samia helping us prepare the beds for planting.

Chive Rescue 101. We gleaned chive plants and are dividing them and holding them for a few days until we get a place prepared at the gardens.
A big day of gleaning.

PJ manning the TVG Gleaner's table the Edible Garden Resource Fair

Our table at the Edible Garden Resource Fair in Multnomah Village

We finished the beds and recovered the unfinished area so we don't have to weed. Next we need mulch.

Taking a break in basking in the February sunshine.

Our surprise of the day was to find a frog on the ground. We moved him to shady part of the garden. Amazing how he got there.

Planting peas is a delicious way to add nitrogen to the soil.

Double Digging beds at the community center Gleaner Garden plot. The plot was full of worms and easy to work this beautiful February day.

Gardening around town

We gleaned veggie starts for the garden. Thanks Portland Nursery!

Gleaners gleaned unregistered plots and we planted some cabbage and peppers.

A lovely day at the OFB gardens in Portland.

The garden gals on a rare clean day!

OFB's melon hoop house. Now those melons should be happy in there with hood on.

Jon helping load our donation of fertilizer, compost and starts.

Jonny cool watering the plants.

Volunteer extrodinare and the rototiller queen our dear garden friend helps us and watches over the community gardens.

Staking up the tomatoes at the community center Gleaner Garden.

Picking up the worm poop, got a flat and needed to unload the stuff to get to the spare.

Starting seeds

Tomato and pepper babies getting a sun bath.

Getting the table ready for the cool crop seed planting get together. We planted seed and had a great lunch together of chicken soup with fresh harvested leek, spinach and kale, meat balls with mushroom sauce, a big salad with home made sprouts and beet carrot ginger pickels and hot tea.

Starting the cool weather seed on a beautiful late February morning.

Onion and leek babies.

Cabbage babies

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plant a row gardens

Mary standing by her garden.

A side yard planted with baby cabbages.

Some plants in Lisa's giving garden beds.

Here they come around the corner the plant a row beds. Instead of mowing, a much better use is a garden for giving. Brant helping with the project.

Another plant a row garden

A Community Garden in Cedar Hills Plant a row newly installed.

The squash is growing nicely.