Saturday, January 28, 2012

Greenhouse update - intensive seed sowing

March 10th ~The peppers moved to green house. Germination rate was low for some reason and there was a little die off so will try again.
Tomatoes planted February 4rh are doing well and are ready for transplant.

This is intensive seed sowing in practice, each cell has several seeds of different varieties.
Tomato seedlings just coming up under the heat and lights.

February 4th, 2012, anothe sunny day, we planted the special early tomato seed from Tomato fest today. We loved that there were a few varieties under 60 days. The tomato flats are under heat mats to sprout.
Cam and Patty renovated the greenhouse the greenhouse floor and rearranged it and we all filled the flats with cool weather seed. It looks fantastic filled with start flats, can't wait for the plants. It was 80 degrees in the greenhouse today. By changing the floor to cement pavers and adding water containers we are increasing the thermal mass.
Bruce worked on the beds at the Artichoke Hill Garden while we planted and the greenhouse was renovated.
This is the before the weeding today at Artichoke Hill learning and giving garden. very overgrown and neglected.
Wow we can see the beds now! We are almost ready for the front yard foods not lawns transformation. A few hours of care and the garden is coming to life.

January 28th,2012 ~ Cement pavers are under about 1/3 of the greenhouse, just enough to go under the shelving.

Planting seed to prepare for the seed/plant swap and for the garden
The begining of the Back to Eden no till garden 3 months and very few weeds noted, there are lots of weed seed under the cardboard and woodchips .
The before photo of the food not lawns garden

The greenhouse before renovation
Planting seed
More planting
The weeder and Garden Princess.

Tualatin Valley Gleaners
First Annual Seed/Plant/Seedling Swap and Share Garden Resource Fair.

Place: Beaverton Community Center February
Date: Saturday Feb 25, 2012
Time: 10am-12pm
Address:12350 SW 5th Street Beaverton OR

Food /Tool Drive: Bring non perishable food, hand garden tools, gloves, or suggested $3 donation for this event. All donations go to the Tualatin Valley Gleaners – A non- profit supplemental food program.

Plants must be in containers

Professional Seed Savers, Plant societies, Garden Clubs, Farmers, Nurseries please call Lisa at 503-810-5472 to reserve your free resource table space or more information.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Master Gardener Grant, Improvements, and 4-H.

We recieved a Washington County Master Gardener Grant this year to add some additional raised beds, hoop houses and cold frames to extend the growing season at the Giving Gardens. The project is fully funded. We are thankful for the donation to improve the Giving and Learning Garden.

4-H is now in progress with learning about gardening at our giving and learning gardens and state fair exhibit preparation as the focus. It's going to be lots of fun, and I think we are all excited to start.